What do you charge? That depends on where you are and what you want us to do.  Contact us for a no obligation quote.

What sort of music do you play? As the name Jurassic Rock suggests, many of our songs are rock ‘n’ roll from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.  We also do quite a few blues and soul songs and a fair number of ballads. This is a good mix that most people enjoy. It bridges the generation gap, bringing people together to make the event enjoyable for everyone. For details, see our play list.

How long do you play for? Within reason, as long as you want. For dances, we do not have a set list, but choose each song to suit the mood of the moment and our repertoire is large.

Will you play outside? Yes, but we need some sort of shelter to protect our equipment if it should rain. We also need a power supply (see “what electricity do you need?” for details). If there is a long run from the outlet to the performing area, the cable should be sufficient to ensure there is no significant drop in the mains voltage.

What electricity do you need? For functions with up to 100 guests and no stage lights: one 13 amp socket. For functions with more than 100 guests or where we have stage lighting: two 13 amp sockets. Provided there is not a signifiant draw from other appliances, these may be on the same ring main, but must be separate sockets, i.e. not one 2-gang. It is the function organiser’s responsibility to ensure a safe supply adjacent to the performing area. We test the electricity supply before each performance and will not play if the supply is unsafe or otherwise unsuitable. In this event, the full fee is payable.

How much space do you need? We can perform with or without a stage. Our state-of-the art equipment is very versatile and so we can play anywhere from a pub lounge (where we require about 8′ 6″ deep by 10′ wide), to a large concert hall.

Will you play requests? Yes, in certain circumstances. If there is a particular song you would like us to play, e.g. as the first dance at a wedding, please let us know well beforehand so that we have enough time to learn and rehearse it to the standard we set for all our performances. On the night, we will play requests provided they are part of our repertoire (well over 100 songs), but we will not “busk” a song we are not familiar with. This is because we set a high standard of performance below which we are not prepared to fall as it would be unfair to us and disrespectful to other members of the audience.

Do you need refreshments? As we will be away from home for many hours, something to eat and drink will help to keep us going. We are conscious of the fact that we are your guests and never abuse your hospitality.

What sort of function will you play at? We can play at any sort of function from dinner dances and weddings to birthday parties and corporate functions and we always tailor our repertoire to suit the occasion. We also play in pubs and clubs and we can offer special themes for the evening such as our Sounds of the Sixties set.

How big a venue can you play in? Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to play at most venues.

How many people can you play for? From a few to many hundreds.

Do you support charities? Yes, we have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities and worthy causes. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Will you play recorded music before and between your live sets? Yes, we always carry a selection of CD’s or we can play your music if you prefer. This can be CD’s, i-player or ‘phone, as we have most of the required connectors.

Will you lend us a microphone for speeches and announcements? Yes, we can provide microphone, but we do not have a wireless system and so it must safe to trail the wire from the console to the speaker.

Do you charge extra for stage lighting? No, but we can only use lights where it is safe to do so. For safety reasons, we cannot use them where there is any danger of them being knocked over.

How long do you need to set up? Usually about 2 hours to get everything in place and carry out sound checks. So that we do not disturb your evening, we prefer to have access to the venue 2 hours before your guests arrive. If this is not possible, we will do our best to be unobtrusive, but there is inevitably a little disruption.

How long do you need to clear up and get out? About an hour, depending on access and distance from the playing area to the car park.

How and when do we pay you? When you book us, immediate payment of a deposit, which secures the date. Approximately 50% of the balance is due 6 weeks before the due date and the remainder is paid in cash on the night. We will send you an invoice, which will set out what should be paid and when.

Can we cancel after we have booked you? The arrangement is binding on both parties following the payment of the initial deposit. This gives us both the security of knowing that we will not be let down at the last minute. Where there is a genuinely good reason, we may look favourably on cancellation up to 5 weeks before the due date, but we will retain all deposits paid prior to the cancellation. We retain the right to charge the full fee if you cancel within five weeks of the due date. See terms and conditions.

Do you have insurance? Yes, but only insofar as legitimate claims for damage or injury caused by us or our equipment. All other insurances and licences are the responsibility of the function organiser.

Is your equipment PAT tested? Yes, certificate and report available on request.