The Crusade (This Is Jurassic Rock)

Before the beginning, earlier than time itself, there was nothing.

And in this nothingness it was quieter than silence.

Then came the Big Bang and with it came noise.

For eons the noise remained random, haphazard and aimless.

Then the Lord created Man, who listened and so noise became sound.

And Man controlled the noise and, in so doing, made his own sound and he called his sound: music.

Through the millennia, Man sought the perfect music, but he was divided and there was much conflict and conflagration.

Man fought Man in his desire to assert his own concept of the exquisite music

And so the Lord of all he played sent his son whose immaculate conception was the purest, most profound music of all:  Rock ‘n’ Roll.

His disciples went forth and taught the three blessed chords.

But man was corrupt and his desecration demeaned the purity that had been rock ‘n’ roll.

And so it was lost.

In search of the holy grail of the true music, we four knights embarked upon a crusade.

Our pilgrimage has taken us back through the mists of time to the age of pure musicality.

From this age that time forgot, we pull back the shrouds of the epochs

To reveal to you today the most exquisite and only true music.

This is: Jurassic Rock


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