Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings are taken on the understanding that the following provisions will apply.
  2. The booking is provisional until Jurassic Rock has issued a formal letter of confirmation together with an invoice/statement at which time the agreement will become binding on both parties.  The only exception to this is when a deposit is required, in which case the agreement becomes binding on Jurassic Rock only after payment of the deposit.
  3. Once the agreement has become binding as detailed in the previous paragraph, the agreement can only be terminated in exceptional circumstances that are outside of what might reasonably be expected in an event such as the one to which the agreement applies and are beyond the control of either party.
  4. An invoice will be issued detailing the payment terms, which will form part of the agreement.
  5. All payments must be made by the due dates and in the agreed manner as detailed in the invoice.
  6. The agreed fee will include travelling, the supply of equipment including instruments, amplification, public address system and recorded music before and between live sets.
  7. Unless agreed otherwise, Jurassic Rock will start at the agreed time and will then play sets of between 45 minutes and 60minutes with approximately 15 minutes break between each set, ending at the agreed ending time.
  8. Jurassic Rock will require access to the venue at least two hours before the agreed start time in order to set up equipment and carry out the necessary sound checks.
  9. The organiser must ensure proper and adequate access to the playing area.  So that equipment can be loaded and unloaded without difficulty, access must be within easy walking distance of parking area and must not have obstructions, steps or stairs.  The decision as to whether or not access is suitable is Jurassic Rock’s exclusively.  If details or such obstructions are not provided and agreed to before the due date and Jurassic Rock deems access to be unsuitable after arriving at the venue, the full fee will become payable.
  10. When Jurassic Rock is playing before or after or before and after other entertainment acts of any kind, the fee quoted is on the understanding that adequate time and appropriate amenities will be provided to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition from one act to the next.  Where this is not the case, Jurassic Rock reserves the right to levy a charge additional to the fee quoted prior to the due date.
  11. The organisers agree to provide Jurassic Rock with a reasonable quantity of refreshments as is appropriate for the length of time Jurassic Rock is required to remain at the venue.
  12. The organisers will provide a safe, easily accessible, suitable and adequate supply of electricity. In the absence of such a supply, Jurassic Rock reserves the right not to play. The decision as to whether or not the electricity supply fulfils these requirements is Jurassic Rock’s exclusively.  If the electricity supply is deemed inadequate, the full fee will be payable
  13. Jurassic Rock will provide insurance only insofar as cover is required for their activities. All other insurances, licenses and permissions are the responsibility of the event organiser.
  14. The full fee becomes payable on Jurassic Rock’s arrival at the agreed venue. This remains so if the performance is cancelled for any reason including, but not restricted to, the event organiser’s failure to comply with any of the requirements as detailed above.