Zooids 1965

Whole band 2

Smoking Tony

Paul gets down

Paul playing

Jurassic Pebble 3

In gaol!

Backing singers

Over my shoulder

Satisfied customers

Studio other end

In there somewhere!

From wings

The Band Wagon

JR warms up

Real enthusiasm!

Smart entertainer

Take a solo

Thurlow 1

Taste of China

Paul in the crowd!

“Wonderful Tonight” for Karen

More Clare

Clare special effects

Who’s playing?

Whole band 1

Tony green

Tony & Paul boogie

Serious moment

Serenading Tone

Paul & Tone reflect

Rhythm section

Moody JR

Jurassic Pebble 4

Jurassic Pebble 2

Jurassic Pebble 1

Bob & kit

A huddle

The lost tambourine

Love on the dance floor

Play louder!

Rowdy crowd

The beat goes on

Studio one end

Serenading the crowd

Full swing

Get your own mic!

Behind Bob

Bob from wings

Other wing

Dad at daughter’s wedding

Katie enjoys the dancing

Katie dances some more

The crowd joins in

New band member?

Dad plays some more.

“All together now ….”

“…. hi-ho silver lining ….”

What a crowd!

“…. hi-ho ….”

Thurlow 2

Thurlow 3

Cheeky sod!

Taste of China

Table dancing!

Taste of China

Paul plays for Karen

Clare Town Hall

Smoke On The Clare Stage

Clare again