Paul Eaton



Some say Paul was drafted into Jurassic Rock simply to reduce the average age.  Others claim it was to give the band much sought after “Boy Band” appeal to excite the screaming Jurassic Rockettes, whilst in certain quarters it is believed that this was the first stage in Tony’s master plan to nurture the perfect follow-up to the Partridge Family and the Osmonds.  Whatever the speculation, it is undeniable that Paul received a vintage bass guitar as his 18th birthday present – and so the legend began!

Paul’s musical roots are varied and a testament to his will to succeed in the face of adversity and setbacks.  Attempts to learn the violin at Felsted Preparatory School from the age of 9 did not meet with spectacular (to be honest, any) success, but Paul discovered his love of playing with other musicians whilst studying for his violin grades, which fell lower with each exam, reaching a pinnacle of ineptitude when he failed grade 3.  In mitigation, it should be noted that Paul’s lack of inclination to practice was received with some enthusiasm by his parents who were unable to find any similarity between Paul’s caterwauling and the soaring tones of Stephane Grappelli or Yehudi Menhuin.  (Paul didn’t couldn’t even blame his violin as the instrument was a family heirloom.)

Rhythm section

Rhythm man

In his teens, Paul’s passion for the Five Star girls diminished and, having given his much played Kids From Fame Again tape to his younger sister, the likes of Bon JoviEurope and, much to his friends and family’s bewilderment, Marillion, inspired him to experiment with air guitar (a passion he shares with the band’s tambourine player).  This love of alternative rock music, which remains with him to this day, was influenced by his regular attendance at the summer rock festivals such as Reading, Glastonbury and V.

Having sent his dad mad learning the 12 bar blues, Paul bought an amplifier and went to Sheffield to become a rock god and bass monster (studying for an International Business Degree being nothing more than an a means to fulfilling this much greater, and far more profound, ambition).  Opportunity knocked in very short time: two fellow students invited Paul to bring along his bass and amp to perform in the sparsely populated Totley Campus Student Union bar.  After emptying the bar with his 2 minute 12 bar blues in E, the other two musicians gallantly took over from Paul before quietly asking him not to play with them again (but could they borrow the amplifier?).  And so initial success was quick in coming, but painfully short lived.

Undeterred, Paul kept his bass with him whilst at university in both Sheffield and Paris, always hoping that someone may require his “skills”.  Gomez laid down tracks in Sheffield during this period and inexplicably managed to achieve fame, even winning the Mercury Music

Paul Eaton: bass and backing vocals


prize, without any aid whatsoever from Paul.  Even a brief meeting at the Leadmill with Jarvis Cocker of Pulp failed to get Paul a guest roll on the number one smash album Different Class.  Nonetheless, there was a vacant place in his Dad’s band where 12 bar blues was much appreciated and Paul became the bass player when he returned home after graduating.

Paul joined Jurassic Rock in 1997 and played his last gig on New Year’s Eve 2015 at the Plough Inn, Hundon.  He left as he was expecting his first baby in February 2016 and he wanted to devote his time to his wife and new baby.  We wish Paul every happiness and look forward to him renewing his music career when his family responsibilities are less demanding.