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ABSOLUTELY FANBLOODYTASTIC!!  I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes doing boring emails and Strategy Papers whilst being totally uplifted by the  sample tracks.  BRILLIANT.”  RC, Scotland.

   “Wow ! Rock on! Wish we could attend a session! I would book you with the fog smoke and all – pink sox and black stovepipes and a polker dot shirt!! What fun.” CE, New Zealand

   “Great web site — good pictures of you!”  TJ, Detroit, USA.

   “Just got into the website – great – what fun!!! Loved it!!!!”  RC, Michigan, USA.

   “The site looks really professional. Will pass on your details if I know of anyone wanting to book a band.” LC, Clare, Suffolk

   “Thank you, brilliant website and smashing way to start a Friday morning playing blue suede shoes when I should be working.  My partner Norman thinks its great too.”  RD, Malden, Surrey,

   “This has destroyed productivity at the office what with the women swooning, Chris trying to prove he can do better etc etc. Please keep your instrument to yourself in future!!” DP, ICS

   “Looks fabulous many congratulations” SB, Chelmsford

   “Just made another visit to Jurassic Rock site – its great, I particularly enjoyed the tracks and liked Bring It On Home especially- very professional.” AN, Bury St Edmunds

    “Very professional site, easy to find things of interest.  Great samples – K & I really like Bring It On Home.” JF, Haverhill

“…. very comprehensive and professional website ….”D, Hundon

“Pay Tony’s “Jurrasic Rock” web site a visit if you get a chance!!!!!!!”GM, Patrick Eggle Forum

….checked out the website; it is excellent” M (Tax Accountant)

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