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2016 was a strange year!  It started well with the New Year’s Eve at the Plough Inn,


Paul’s Jack

Hundon spilling over, but this was Paul’s last gig with us as he was due to leave having been with us since 1997.  His first baby was due in February and, as this was something of a miracle baby, we no one could begrudge him wanting to maximise his time with him.  We were all delighted when Jack arrived – he is an absolute delight.

I got in touch with Yeti, who jumped at the chance of playing with us.  With rehearsals and gigs going well, we were looking forward to our big return to the Royal Burnham Yacht Club.  JR had been their NYE band for 2012, 2013 and 2014, but we missed 2015.  However, we got the call and were looking forward to it.

Things did not run smooth!  Yeti couldn’t make it and so we had to call on Paul at the very last minute.  Luckily, he was free and so, as Bob said, we managed to pull triumph from the jaws of disaster.

Here’s to 2017!

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