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2013 proved to be a pretty routine year.  We continued to expand our repertoire and there were further upgrades to our equipment, but nothing interesting enough to report.  However, there were two outstanding gigs.

Tony’s daughter, Charlie, ran the London Marathon in aid of Oxfam.  She raised money in a number of ways, but the major event was a dance in March with Jurassic Rock providing the music.  This was held in Clare Town Hall, which was filled to the rafters and the evening  raised £2,000 of a total of nearly £4,000.   The major drama was that Charlie strained her ankle badly during a short training run a week before the Marathon.  She was advised not to run, but felt she could not let down all the people who had supported her and so she decided she would start the Marathon, walk a couple of miles as a gesture and then retire gracefully.  When the day came she became so caught up in the excitement that she started running and was still doing so at 16 miles, when the pain became too much.  Although in tears for much of the time, she continued to walk the remainder and finished.  She didn’t break any records (or her ankle, thankfully), but she could not have made everyone concerned more proud.

The other big gig was our third consecutive New Year’s Eve dinner/dance at The Royal Burnham Yacht Club.  We are becoming something of an institution at the Club and we now have some good friends there who make us welcome each year, look after us very well and are dancing from the moment we start playing until well into the New Year.  Here’s to next year!


Playing the music that brings the generations together

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Jurassic Rock is the band of choice for weddings, parties and dances.


Winter 2010-2011

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The Band continues to progress with a few changes.  Jon Settle is now at Leeds University studying (as one would expect) music technology.  This was an expected move, but we are sad to lose the youngest member of the band.

The standout gigs were playing at Tony’s daughter’s (Charlie’s) wedding and on New Year’s Eve at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club.  These gigs have led to us becoming the band of choice at the Yacht Club and the leading wedding venues of Greenstead Green Barn and Lynford Hall Hotel, both of which we can highly recommend to prospective brides and grooms.


Winter 2009-2010

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2009 was the 50th anniversary of the opening of Tony’s school, Latton Bush, and he was asked by the organisers if he could contact the other members of the Zooids (the band Tony played in whilst at school) to play at the reunion.  In the event, he was only able to find Trevor Sharpe (rhythm guitar) and Terry “Tom” Smith (drums).  Although they had not played in public for some years, they were both game and, following only one rehearsal, they played a short set with JR’s Paul supporting them on bass.

The reunion was attended by more than 300 former pupils and was a great success, with JR playing a set for all to dance to at the end of the evening.



Shortly after the Latton Bush reunion and following heartfelt discussion, Paul Cooper sadly had to leave the band.  His ability to connect with the crowd will be missed, but in recent years we have often rehearsed without Paul and we’ve had to gig without him on occasions, so the transition has been seamless.



As JR aficionados will know, we only play the occasional non-private gig and we can’t remember the last time we played in a pub.  However, we made the exception for Tony’s local and supported the Plough’s beer festival by playing on Easter Friday.  It was great to play in such close proximity to the crowd again.  The response was rapturous and the landlady described the performance as, “Awesome, f***ing fantastic” and immediately invited us to headline at the next two festivals.